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Smarty's Crazy Life
Smarty's Crazy Life
Well who knows what I will write in here...And maybe I won't write nothing. It will probably mostly be silly shit, or if I'm really fuming about something I'll write a novel lol.I guess time will tell ;)
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Age: 29
Location: Ontario, Canada
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
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Nice smelling cologne, fast car/bikes, intelligence
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People who sweat a lot, Peeps with bad B.O., slimy wash cloths, hair in the tub (no smilies in this blog), people who look or talk down to you
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The latest book I read was by Dean Koontz. And well, mostly my GED study book lol...(which I haven't been doing like I should...Ooops)

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Whatever the heck is on LOL Yeah Baby I get them all =))

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Shake that Ass by Eminem, lots of Metallica, Hips Don't Lie by Shakira ;-)

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Wednesday, 01 November 2006
Well it seems that my favorite smilie did not work in that last post <_< That kind of annoys me So I will try again...And it seems that it is not there anymore

Anyway today is Halloween, well it's almost over but it's been a good day. A little hectic running around trying to get our costumes together, get dinner ready, kids ready & so on. Life is good. I'm on vacation, away from the homestead, just chillaxing verheadclap:

Well over & out, I'm going to kick some ass at Tekken 4
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