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Smarty's Crazy Life
Smarty's Crazy Life
Well who knows what I will write in here...And maybe I won't write nothing. It will probably mostly be silly shit, or if I'm really fuming about something I'll write a novel lol.I guess time will tell ;)
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Nice smelling cologne, fast car/bikes, intelligence
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People who sweat a lot, Peeps with bad B.O., slimy wash cloths, hair in the tub (no smilies in this blog), people who look or talk down to you
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The latest book I read was by Dean Koontz. And well, mostly my GED study book lol...(which I haven't been doing like I should...Ooops)

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Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Well now this is cool. I have to have more access to all the different smilies, Woot!!! That's cuz Ren knows just how much I love my smilies, especially this one hehe

Ahum (clears throat) Well...There is tons of stuff I could possibly write in my blog but some of you may think I'm a lil strange if you could really read and know my personal thoughts <_< Nah I'm just kidding, I'm a really sorta normal person. A bit bored most times and well I just love my friends online so of course I always have to keep coming back

So anyways my most recent excitement in life is that I've moved to a lil town up north near Quebec almost haha, which has the population of about ahmmm 300 or something. Has one main store which is the \"LCBO, Beer Store, Hardware store, plumbing, grocery and just about everything else you can think about store\" I possibly might be moving again in a few weeks or months which is kind of annoying I really dont want to have to move again but like my lover says we have to move where the jobs are, even though we'd technically be fine for a year or so up here in timbuktoo land Ahhh well I'm just a bored chick with nothing better to do then think and vent

My daughter is getting older and testier Really makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes Nah but she really is a darling, just sometimes I'm not sure how to deal with her lil temper tantrums & she just loves to argue haha she is SO much like me when I was that age I guess....

Well that's it for my lil update...Hope y'all dont mind my messed up babbling

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